Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on Haiti

If nothing else, the recent earthquake in Haiti should give us perspective with all that we have in our lives. We can focus on the stock markets correction or other negative things. But, we are alive. Our economy didn't collapse. We have clean water and food. We didn't lose our homes.

Most of us were born in the United States. Perhaps by accident? Why weren't WE born in Haiti? Or in Darfur? Or other places with vast disease and lacking adequate food, shelter, medicine, jobs, etc? What did we do to be born in the world's greatest country? Many of us come from modest means. But took advantage of opportunities available to many of us.

Some look away from this tragedy out of indifference. Others don't follow very closely, as they would otherwise be so overwhelmed by the sheer horror that many are continuing to experience.

I think that we minimally should acknowledge that we could have just as easily to have been born in Haiti or other undeveloped countries. For those of faith, we need to offer prayers for Haiti and other places of great need. We need to continue to give thanks for our many blessings. When you open your heart, how can you not do something? I for one, believe that we ARE our brothers' keepers.

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it was very touchy whatever have happened there, may god give them strength to come out of all this. it happened during my php training in Chandigarh and i was very shocked when i saw the pics of dead bodies lying here and there on roads.

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