Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beginning to Make Changes

Perhaps the most difficult part of making changes is persistence. Human nature is to continue to do what we automatically do (habit). Change means establishing new habits. This requires intention and persistence. Gently (and sometimes NOT so gently) reminding ourselves of our goals helps maintain our motivation. One of the tricks to successfully make changes is to approach tasks as experiments. By this, I mean to try different strategies and see what the outcome is. Many will try something one or several times, not get the results that they hope for, and then conclude that the strategy "doesn't work." Sometimes people will give up exercise, trying to learn to play an instrument, or whatever after they have done it five times and not lost twenty pounds, mastered the instrument, etc., concluding that the strategy doesn't work or that it is too hard for them. When you make a plan, decide WHEN you will begin. There is a hilarious commercial by Blue Cross at sung to the song "Tomorrow." You'll get a chuckle and maybe motivation. Thirty years ago I was in great shape and ran a few marathons. Let's just say I've "outgrown" that level of fitness! I began doing more running instead of walking this past June. For months, I would rulk (run, walk, run, walk...). I felt like a slug! It has only been in the past month or so that I have felt less like a slug and am even having moments that I've begun feeling almost like a "real" runner, again. My point is that we often reach plateaus in our weight, fitness, spirituality, etc. Sometimes continuing to practice a good program, strategy, etc. long enough will eventually get us to a higher level. Other times, we need to turn up the intensity or even to develop a new strategy or program. Continue to collect information and periodically re-evaluate your strategies and/or need for new strategies to create the life that you desire.

New Postings

My intent is to resume posting in the remainder of 2012.

New West Side Address

As of July 1, 2012 I now spend two days a week in Westlake, OH - 30400 Detroit Rd. #301 and am no longer in Rocky River, OH. I now spend three days in Independence, OH - 6133 Rockside Rd. #207. The phone number remains (216) 520-5969.
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