Sunday, February 8, 2009

What is Your Recovery Plan for Anxiety and Depression?

What is your recovery plan? What is it that you will do to get past your depression, anxiety, or whatever? This may be a foreign concept to you. Many may wonder, “What is it that I CAN do to improve my anxiety, mood, or whatever? Non-medication possibilities include (but are not limited to) exercise, self-help reading, tracking and challenging negative thoughts, self-help group involvement, facing your fears, affirmations, diet, spiritual practices, relaxation exercises, yoga, and journaling.

Whether or not you are seeing a therapist, generally, the more you do the kind of things just mentioned, the more quickly you get better. If you are working with a therapist, it is best to check your activities with them. Most of the time, you will get encouragement and possibly tips. Many to most therapists will gladly make suggestions of thing they think you will find helpful.

If you have experienced a lot of trauma and/or very severe trauma, then trying to recall memories and some self-help reading may take you at a faster pace than you can manage. In these cases, it is better to go too slow than too fast. However, it does not preclude you from doing most of the other activities listed above.

Activities that are often suggested and helpful are to think about different things related to what you want to change, to notice the times when things are actually better, as well as trying to picture in your mind how you would like things to be.

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