Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look for the good in others

Yesterday, we took our son to the University of Toledo. The idea and then reality has been somewhat difficult to deal with. It seems that only yesterday (more like 15 years) that even when he was around people he knew, he would still be hugging my leg. I accept (and somewhat celebrate) his being able to leave is evidence that my wife and I have done a decent job and helped him become more independent and socially comfortable. Last year, he attended community college and lived at home. It was an excellent transition for him from High School. Part of my difficulties is that it is one more reminder of my own mortality.

Also yesterday, Congressperson Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland died from a brain aneurysm. She was 58 (3 years older than myself). She was such a positive person, almost always smiling a real (NOT politician) smile. Dennis Kucinich referred to her as his "sister." I felt that this proclamation was sincere. Even the Republicans were effusive about her positiveness and personality.

So what is to be learned from all of this? Once I turned 50, mortality became a more pressing reality to me. It is highly unlikely that I'll ever run 10 miles again, let alone any more 26 mile marathons. A long rulk (run/walk/run/walk...) anymore is 3 miles. I accept this and try to maintain some level of physical fitness. I also accept that mortality is part of the natural order. I think that we should try to emulate Stephanie Tubbs Jones, where we bring a positive energy, affirming nature, as well as looking out for the welfare of others, past our own family and friends. We don't know how much time we have, so it is imperative to work on this NOW. I have always liked and endorsed Gandhi's dictum to "Be the change that you want to see in the world," similar to other teachings from almost 2000 years ago. Look for the GOOD in others!

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Tracy's Photogaphs said...

My father had his stroke 2 months shy of his 54th birthday.

Fortunately for him, he survived.

LISW said...

Thanks Mike, Your reminder of THE Truth 2000 years ago is still true.

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